The Buimerc Corporation and it's businesses believe in uncompromising adherence to the TEST ideals

Transparency, Excellence, Strength and Trust

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Investments / Acquisitions

The subsidiary companies of Buimerc have significant commonalities as listed below.

  • Absolute adherence to the principles of Corporate governance.
  • A strong and committed Board of Directors.
  • Consistent year on year holistic growth. Holistic growth refers to growth across all the fundamental aspects of the company - Revenue, Cash flow, Profit and Operational efficiency.
  • A strong and committed team of Top Level executives.
  • Low external debt. Both short term and long term.
  • High capital base and asset base.

The Buimerc family is growing and the effort is always on to incorporate more members into it. If a company is found to be fundamentally strong and has a committed team of top level executives exhibiting integrity and dynamism, then that company is identified as a potential addition to the Buimerc family.